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The why behind that what we do


We plan for the full maturity of plants in our designs and do not overfill the gardens. There can be exceptions to this if a full look is desired early on by adding in more perennials with the understanding they will have to be thinned and removed in a couple of years.


Growing conditions make up the basics for determining what we decide to plant. These include light, soil, water, and other environmental considerations.  We try to balance growing conditions with the ideal that is desired.


Weed control is important in all garden settings. It is the most cost effective to have this done on a regular basis, this also creates good growing conditions for the desired plants. We typically do most weeding by hand for most effective control, but will spray on a case by case basis.


There is no bullet proof solution to deer and rabbit damage besides physical barriers. We use products that deter animals from eating desired plants and attempt to train them to go elsewhere. For the best animal control it is important we can get into the garden before spring to apply the proper repellants. The more often we apply repellants the better chance we have of animals leaving the plants alone.


Gardens take place over time and therefore seasons need to be considered in all designs. Taking into consideration what the garden and plants look like in spring, summer, fall, and winter are very important to consider when designing and planting. We want to make sure the garden has interest in it year round.


We utilize native plants in our designs whenever possible to help the surrounding ecosystems and to build resilient gardens. We also prefer to use a diverse array of plants that make the gardens more resilient and to prevent mass "die off" situations.


No garden or landscape is maintenance free, and each garden and landscape is unique and therefore requires a unique management plan. We work closely with clients to determine needs and find the best possible maintenance solutions.


Whenever possible we only install mulch for top dressing. It helps retain moisture, is easy to reapply, and helps keep a healthy and nourished soil which in turn keeps plants healthy.


All of the work we do is by hand. There are some exceptions to this rule but when possible we only use manual labor. This includes installation, weeding, and excavating.


When possible we only use our solar charged equipment to reduce our carbon footprint.


We do not use landscape fabric in our installations or designs unless for specific drainage purposes. Landscape fabric blocks the soil from moisture, air, and makes it difficult to work in the garden. Soil will accumulate on top of the fabric regardless and weeds will grow in the detritus. Refer to our weed control section about weed management.

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