Landscape Upkeep


Typically biweekly site visits where we perform a variety of tasks to keep your garden looking the best it can. This includes fertilizing, weeding, monitoring watering needs, deadheading, soil testing, soil preparation, animal and pest control, fungal treatments, and winter protection. Regular garden maintenance is the best and cheapest way to keep your gardens looking their best. We charge time and materials for maintenance, and some minimums do apply.



We can provide 5 seasonal container and/or bedding rotations. This includes spring, summer, fall, winter, and "5th season". You can elect to do some or all of them. We can customize plant selection to meet your needs from a modern look to whimsical, to traditional. Seasonal containers are typically priced at a flat rate, we do also offer container rentals.


When we do fine garden design we focus on the plants. We select plants that will thrive best in the environmental conditions. We do our best to balance the environmental conditions and client needs and wants. A part of our philosophy is to plan for the full maturity of the garden to avoid overcrowding and the need for tear-out years down the line. Design services are typically charged at a flat rate.



In addition to design and upkeep we do offer installation services. This includes mulching, edging, and planting. We do not offer hardscape installation at this time or ball and burlap tree installation. We can help you find a partner for those projects.